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Through its subsidiaries, IBB Holding offers a wide range of services in the areas of public and private construction, information technology, logistics and security. Ensuring that each project is carried out diligently and on time by a team of experienced professionals is an integral part of our core values.

About IBB Holding

We have the resources and the infrastructure to carry out complex construction projects at the same time and to generate added value through relevant related services, both in Germany and in Romania. We have a large range of services, a qualified staff with extensive experience, and we constantly diversify and optimize the services and resources of our group of companies, depending on the particularities and needs of each project and the field to which it belongs.

About IBB Holding

We approach our activity in the civil and industrial construction sector with professionalism and responsibility and we are motivated by the fact that we can contribute with passion and expertise in a field with such an impact on the quality of people's lives. Find out more about IBB projects in the field of civil and industrial construction in Germany and Romania.

Our long experience has strengthened our belief that the proper functioning of complex construction sites, the significant transformation of the surrounding spaces and the resilience of construction works begin with the thorough preparation of the land. Find out more about the activity of IBB companies and completed projects that required excavation and embankment works.

IBB group companies can manage complex infrastructure projects, including the execution of roads, bridges and highways, significantly improving the prospects for economic and sociocultural development, with each major work completed on time and to the required standards. Find out more about the involvement of IBB companies in the construction of roads and bridges and the connections with the other civil engineering departments served by our companies.

We have the necessary resources to manage all stages of a residential development project, from planning, design, management services, including the actual execution of residential buildings. Through our commitment to permanently maintain high quality standards in every residential project built by IBB group companies, we add value to the real estate segment, thus improving the quality of life of communities. Find out more about the activity of IBB companies in the residential development sector, reflected both by the completed projects for external beneficiaries (in Germany) and by the development of their own residential complexes (in Romania).

In addition to engaging a highly qualified and dedicated workforce in the field of construction and engineering, the companies of the IBB group ensure compliance with the deadlines and construction standards imposed and with the mechanized help of their own fleet of construction equipment, available including for rent. We ensure that construction work is a smooth and quick process by covering the logistics of each site, starting with the delivery of materials and equipment on site, transporting staff from the construction site to accommodation, as well as ensuring the repair and maintenance of construction equipment and machinery in their own workshops, equipped with the best technical equipment. Find out more about the logistics resources of IBB companies and how you can benefit from the integration of logistics services.

We approach all projects with seriousness and devotion and we are ready to face the changes that the evolution of technology brings to the construction and engineering sector, offering solutions for effective implementation of structural data networks, development of smart home solutions with integrated technology, digitization of on-site operations, consulting, configuration & maintenance for IT acquisitions or surveillance systems, etc .. Discover more about how the proper implementation of IT solutions can generate added value

We are committed to the health, safety and the security of the spaces built since the early stages of the construction works is of vital importance. We provide consulting services, installation and installation of security systems and video surveillance equipment, etc. for the optimal security of private and commercial spaces. Find out more about how IBB's services can help prevent building security issues.