IBB Haus- und Industriebau GmbH

About us

IBB Haus- und Industriebau GmbH is the first construction company in the IBB group of companies, founded in Offenbach am Main in 2012. It is an ambitious, efficient, flexible company, open to innovation, with an organizational model that allows the implementation of small, medium and large scale projects with real success. It has an excellent infrastructure, but above all a team of high professional competence, able to satisfy the most demanding requirements of customers. IBB Haus- und Industriebau GmbH offers its partners an excellent environment for the development of the most daring construction projects in areas such as civil and industrial construction, real estate development, road construction, bridges and highways, etc.

Construction projects developed by IBB Haus- und Industriebau GmbH include: STIHL headquarters in Stuttgart-Waiblingen, with showroom and museum, completed in March 2021; Porsche E-Auto Factory in Stuttgart; Daimler E-Auto Factory in Sindelfingen; Frankfurt 30-storey Winx office building.

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