IBB Immobilien GmbH

About us

IBB Immobilien GmbH is a recognised construction company in the German real estate development market and part of the IBB group of companies, which brings together more than 1400 professionals in the construction industry.

In addition to the basic services, IBB Immobilien offers its clients the necessary support for building and furnishing a perfect home: optimizing plans according to the needs and particularities of each client, advice in the field of interior design, assistance in selecting and implementing the most innovative smart-home, eco-freindly solutions, etc.

The most recent real estate projects developed by IBB Immobilien GmbH: Franz-Rau Living in the town of Heusenstamm, completed in 2020; Buchrain Living in Offenbach am Main, a project whose development started in June 2021 and is expected to be completed in December 2022.

Together, we can build anything

Ideas have no limit, they just need a good plan and a team of professionals

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