More than efficiency and results

We are a community of professionals in the construction and engineering industry, closely united by the passion to contribute concretely to building a future at high standards.

Our people are experts in the field - we constantly invest in their training and we are trustworthy - we always deliver our projects on time.


Starting with 2016, the family business we set up in Germany officially started its operations in Romania, with big plans, by opening the IBB-HIB Romania SRL branch.

Our objective is to bring to Romania the knowledge and experience gained in Germany, to improve the quality of infrastructure constructions (roads, bridges, highways), as well as civil or industrial ones, and for our company to become a leader on the Romanian construction market.

We want our people, trained at the school of professional exigency in Germany, the specialized technical staff with superior training and highly qualified workers, to prove in Romania their high skills in the field of construction and thus train new generations of professionals, capable to contribute to the building of the prestige of the Romanian construction industry.