We build sustainably, efficiently, with solid experience and professionalism.

Since its establishment in 2012, IBB Holding has distinguished itself in the German construction industry, offering high quality services from the full range of operations and management required to implement highly complex works, such as construction and civil engineering, industrial works, excavation and embankment works, execution of roads, bridges and highways.

The experience we gained so far in the strong competitive environment in Germany offers a solid foundation for building a trust based relationship with our partners and future partners, while guaranteeing the ability to manage complex projects and deliver them according to the required standards and deadlines.

IBB Holding has been a family business since the beginning.  Our fundamental values guide us in our mission to consolidate our position in the field we operate.  We are ready to face the future with thorough plans and customer focus. We are always on the move, continuously improving our practices by integrating new services, constantly generating a high level of professional specialization. We have been building with passion since 2012, and overcoming with professionalism the multiple challenges in the industry. Both the time spent together overcoming multiple challenges within the competitive construction industry field, and the experience gained thoughout the sucessful management of our past construction projects, inspired our heartfelt internal reference, IBB family, although oficially we introduce ourselves as IBB Holding.

Our Projects

The complexity and notoriety of the projects managed by IBB Holding for prestigious beneficiaries, 100% delivered on time and to high standards, justifies our pride in the rigor and experience of our team, management's efficiency, professionalism and dedication of the company's specialists and workers. We also take pride in the performances obtained with the help of the state-of-the-art technology and logistical equipment.

We understand the importance and responsibility of the construction sector in achieving the goals of sustainable development and we demonstrate our commitment to the values necessary to create a sustainable future by promoting a culture of excellence and innovation within the IBB group companies.

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We are constantly improving

We are constantly improving
The practices and technologies used

High level of

High level of
professional specialization


Projects delivered on time

With a commitment to quality, tenacity and openness to innovation, we constantly capitalize on new opportunities for professional development in different sectors of the economy, thus offering our partners a range of services in continuous evolution, from construction to IT or logistics, as well as guaranteeing project execution. high standards in every industry in which we operate.

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